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Kodeks Karny.Criminal Code

Z przyjemnością informujemy, że na rynku wydawniczym ukazała się publikacja stanowiąca pierwsze dogmatyczne tłumaczenie tekstu polskiego Kodeksu karnego z 1997 roku na język angielski- Kodeks Karny. Criminal Code, którego współautorem jest adwokat Adam Wojtaszczyk.,kodeks-karny-criminal-code-przedsprzedaz,328609.html#40438699

Publikacja spotkała się z wieloma bardzo pozytywnymi recenzjami, które pozwalamy sobie przestawić poniżej.
"This translation of the Polish Criminal Code into English, together with its accompanying encyclopedia, will be an extremely valuable resource for both scholars and practitioners of criminal law worldwide. Much more than a mere translation, the authors have provided a thoughtful, comprehensive, and precise description of Polish criminal law that reveals the theoretical and analytical foundations of that law, and thereby facilitates the best kind of comparative legal study. As the world becomes an ever smaller and more interconnected place, learning from each other becomes increasingly important - even necessary. This project makes a major contribution to that worthy goal."
Joseph Hoffmann, Harry Pratter Professor of Law
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

"Every modern state has its own criminal code and Poland is not an exception. For a non-Polish speaker, though, in order to understand the Polish criminal law, an English translation is essential and necessary. A good translation of the Polish Criminal Code is also an important tool for scholars who are interested in a comparative study. Moreover, it is critical for those practicing law in Poland. Therefore, I am pleased that the English translation of the Polish Criminal Code has been published. I am convinced that readers, either with the common law or civil law background, will find it extremely helpful. The translators proficiently dealt with the differences in concepts and vocabulary between the European and U.S. criminal law. Without doubt, the interested readers will benefi t from the excellent job done by the authors."
Rong-geng Li, Associate Professor
National Taipei University Department of Law